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Here is a sampling of comments about the show from our listeners.

What Listeners are saying....

Amanda Tinkham - Ann Arbor Mi
Comments => I was very happily surprised to stumble upon a link to your show, fate no doubt. I look forward to listening to you, and will no doubt tell all my friends. Thank You!

Paula Kaye - Fruitland Park Fl
Comments => Dear Laura Lee,
Thank you so much for the work that you do, and for sharing it so generously with your audience. It is truly a labor of love, and you are clearly following your bliss. I have enjoyed and learned much from your guests, from you, AND from your sponsors over the few years. I certainly look forward to you and your show and website being around for a very long time. It\'s like having my own very special library of some the most interesting people and important information in the world. Blessed Be, Paula

Jay Green - Savage MD
Comments => You have an absolutely fabulous show! It always alters my perceptions of the universe and directs me on a beautiful path of further discovery. Thank you so much for making this available to everyone. Peace, Jay Green

E. Fred Moore - Lavalette WV
Comments => Your show is great!

Edward Lopez - New York NY
Comments => Superior to Jeff Rense in content of unusual and interesting articles.

Dierdra Mackey - selmer TN
Comments => I loved your site! You have done a wonderful job! I will be back soon! Keep up the wonderful job!

Shelley Werner - Hallandale FL
Comments => i love listening to this program!!!

Karen Moore - Tulsa OK
Comments => awesome show

J Case - San Francisco ca
Comments => Great show. Missing having you on the radio, though!

Steve abitz - seattle wa
Comments => i just love your show

Laura Lee Emerson - Biloxi MS
Comments => Thank you for always telling it like it is and keeping it on a real level!

Donna Freudenberger - New Hartford NY
Comments => great show!

LUIGI COSTI - deerfield beach FL
Comments => This is, certainly, the best show on the history of radio; her guests are really very informative and well-chosen. Keep it up.

Martha Flemming - Columbia SC
Comments => I listened to an audio on healing. Thank you for this site and all the information available. I appreciate the Gregg Braden material, some of this info I had not seen.

Lisa Wierzbicki - Pensacola FL
Comments => Listening to your archives is one of my favorite ways to relax. Thanks. I\'m a great fan. You consistently provide top-notch information.

Robert Strobl - Philadelphia PA
Comments => great show!

Arthur Robinson - Lucerne Valley CA
Comments => Laura\'s been around for quite a while . Interesting and enjoyable .

Will Powers - Ranchos de Taos nm
Comments => We listen on the computer. Used to listen to you on the air when i was Truckin\'. Thank you for Being. and Doing what you do. I read the Conversations with God book and find it Right On! Do you plan to have an interview about the CWG books? I think it would be worth looking into, as the World is Awakening and this furthers the truth.

Doug Phillips - Lummi Island Wa
Comments => I have listened to LL since shortly after the earth began to cool, way back when she was on KVI. I missed her for a few years after she left radio (or at least any stations I could pick up). In fact, my name was mentioned as an ardent listener who had to drive a couple miles from home and listen on the car radio in order to pick up her program. I have always thought she was one of the best informed interviewers on radio. I\'m now glad I can at least listen on the net.

Yvonne Morris - Rochester NY Comments => Great site!

Spring Steidl - Beloit WI
Comments => Listen to you all the time !!! Try Reiki once! Blessings, Spring

Cherie Grant - Columbus OH
Comments => I really enjoy listening to all the shows! Laura Lee does a great job!

Lauren M. Lynley - Alameda CA
Comments => Great Programme! It\'s Audio Soul Food! Cheers, Lauren M. Lynley

Barbara reiff - Houston tx
Comments => I am a frequent listener and love the program.

steven- m abitz - seattle wash
Comments => I used to be a artbell fan now hes retired,So you are the next best thing to artbell, george norry just does,not make it in my  book. I'm just glad that there's a laura lee. thanks s.m.abitz

Michael Richard - Durango CO
Comments => Great Show keep up the good work

Jeffrey Vastine - Maryville IL
Comments => I appreciate you making the audio on demand available for free for anyone 24/7. Thanks!

John Briggs - Sewell NJ
Comments => The show has a good variety of interesting subjects. keep up the good work.

Lou Arnold - Telford TN
Comments => Enjoy so much being able to refer back to old topics and listen when I have time to just relax and listen. Thank you so much.  Lou

Pam Fritz - Modesto ca
Comments => I love your show! Keep up the good work. Your archives are truly a treasure. Sincerely, Pamela Fritz

Marilyn Naraine - Los Angeles Ca.
Comments => This is my first time at this site (it was a link from William Buhlman\'s site. I was very pleased to find this. I know that I will enjoy listening and learning more about topics that I am interested in. Thank you.

Melva M. MiLuck - Bozeman Mt.
Comments => Thanks to Laura Lee and the station for providing intelligent, thought provoking and confirming information, the new and that which has been hidden. Melva

Tony Brown - Montgomery AL
Comments => Very Interesting & Much Needed Show!!!!!!!!!!!

Christina chandler - saint louis mo
Comments => I love your show!

The LLS is awesome...nothing like it, anywhere! Make sure to tell Paul and Laura for me that I am extremely blessed by their shows...beyond description. They are soooo important! Take care all, 

It's one of my favorite shows because it is so diverse and interesting. Nothing boring here. Keep up the good work.
-Maureen Horgan, west new York NJ

I listen to your show via the internet. I can pick the time when I listen so I get to hear every word. Great hostess, informed guests and mix of topics, who could ask for more.
Martha Revely, Ashland, KY

What a wonderful experience your show is, Laura Lee. You seem to combine gifts such as inutition, compassion, intelligence, open-mindedness, a voice and presence that is a pleasure of itself, and a seemingly effortless skill for interviewing to produce a result that is thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks.
Bruce Gravert, Red Wing, MN

Your show is wonderful and the diversity of topics is incredible. this is a whole new world and reality, as the show makes you THINK.
Suzanne Chen, San Diego, CA

I like the way that Laura Lee tells it like it is and doesn't pull any punches. She is always up front on her views and whether you agree or disagree with them, one thing is for certain, she always elicits some type of feeling and that is very, very refreshing.
-Laurie Emerson, Biloxi MI

Laura Lee has some of the best topics which keeps me very interested. I love the variety.
-Steve Martinez, CLearfield UT

Truth is not as small a thing as the informational powers that be would have us think. Kudos to you for giving people access to information that enables them -- if they so choose, and if they deem the information to be sound enough -- to expand their personal vision of the truth. 
-Eric Eubanks, Decatur GA

I really enjoy the show, and so do family members!
-Rosemary Silva, Santa Barbara CA

Very delightful show, brings new insight to ancient events as well as current theories.
-Lewis Robbins, Salem OR

Is Laura Lee as beautiful as she sounds?
-Garret Wong, Portland OR

the finest in the field, second to none. I can't miss it. KISSES, rand
-Randy Levine, Plantation FL

I like Her kind and gentle voice and manners--even while given to the face of adversity: she's at safe waters: mark twain. Regretably, most of America has become not just what we used to call, "couch potatoes," but who have become what I relate to you as being, "potato Heads." Remember those toys? They were given faces by us as children--and they just sat there--doing what 'Potato Heads' do--nothing. We need to listen and to learn of a better world to come--and to discover some of the answers to some of the greatest questions humankind has always wondered about, and have spectulated about for time uncounted. Ms. Lee does this service for us, if we would but just listen . . . 
-Jason Leigh 

I am very thankful for your show..Listen to the arhives while doing work. thanks~ariella~ 
Really appreciate your show!
-Ariella Vanderveen - Santa Cruz, CA

i've been enjoying listening to past shows on tape since i discovered your site. keep up the good work of enlightening people to the world around them, seen and unseen.
-carolyn zermay International Falls, MN

Have been enjoying website, and interviews, usually on archive, for a couple, three years. Sick of CNN type viewpoint, sports, etc. Your website is one of the alternatives.
-Mike McCall - Marshfield, WI

Great Site!
-May Schultz, Petersburg VA

This is my first visit. I am very impressed and will be returning
-Stan Boulware, Harristown IL

A better show than the mike siegal (sp) /art bell. most of the same guests that have to get their topics in an hour. a better forum for the attention span. i especially like drs. nick begich and lee horowitz.
-DAvid Guidry, Westminster CO

Keep up the good work!
-Wendi Gifford, Gig Harbor WA

I like the topics you have,also that there arnt that many commercial interuptions
-Darla Armstrong, Terlton OK

like the format... spending more time with the guest and not wasting time with call-in questions
-James Olsen, Terlton OK

I am crazy about the lack of commercials! Love that. Just plain old love that! Laura Lee, you are sensitive, well read, intelligent, open and honest. Keep it up girl. One day two hour interviews at a crack would be nice too. TTFN 
-Ingrid Fox, Federal Way WA

Really enjoy the Laura Lee Web Site and Show
-Bruce Waltz, Sierra Vista AZ

The shows are always enlightening and stimulating!
I am forever grateful for my mom who introduced me to the Lauralee show!!!
-Garlyn MaGinnis, St. Johnsville NY

Keep up the Good & Important work you are doing!
-Avi Solomon, Jerusalem Israel

Great job, Keep up the Good fight and God Bless!
William Walter, Dearborn Heights MI

I am a thinker in an intellectual desert, being a (basically) homebound person with Chronic Fatigue Symdrome (CFIDS) and a cancer survivor as well, I look forward to your shows with great interest, and miss you on the radio! Your show is stimulating and the commentaries are well structured. Keep up the good work! You are all appreciated! 
-Grace Scott, Edgewood NM

Love the show. Also, I really like the alternative science guys, with new views on gravity, free-energy and so on. thanks, Ira 
-Ira Oehler, Louisville KY

Very interesting topics. Read the book "The Crazy Makers" because of hearing about it on one of your shows.
-Annette Gillen, Cape Coral FL

Just for info...I was vacationing in the Woodinville, Washington area and heard Gregg Braden on a show called The Quest. I'd been fascinated in the past by Mr. Braden philosophies and ideas, ordered his new book & tape via the provided 800 number, came home and searched for his web site. Fortunately, I found your site as a result. Very, very interesting and fascinating stuff, Laura. Thanks! I'll be a regular listener and customer!
-Gwynne Gardner, Seward AK

Fabulous show! Keep up the good work for those listeners such as myself who seek alternative viewpoints on the subjects of 'life'!
-Jo Anne Bonjukian, Port Orchard WA

I find your subject matter eclectically delightful !
-Pam Pittman, Columbia MD

very interesting and entertaining
-Brenda Boone, Jacksonville NC

Interesting to see someone take up metaphysical subjects in a unique way.... she also seems very non judgemental , a nice person to chat with ...
-Chendil Kumar, Haverhill MA 

I have enjoyed listening to many of the disscusions in your archives. Thank you for providing a this forum for the sharing of new ideas and concepts. 
Yours Truely, 
-Michael P. Collison, Lindenwold NJ

I appericate your fresh approach to the better known guests and also enjoy the many unique individuals you alone put on the air. Its all very nicely done. Namaste'
-James Irwin, El Granada CA

great website, much needed honesty and integrity of insightful material.
-lynne brosna

Your programme is a joy! So much interesting information that is not available from other sources. Thank you!
-Carol Wilberforst-Porter, Issaquah WA

I found the Laura Lee show on the inernet and Im so glad that I did I've been listening on the archives and find the shows very interesting I just love the shows.
-Linda Mooney, Maspeth NY

Have been enjoying website, and interviews, usually on archive, for a couple, three years. Sick of CNN type viewpoint, sports, etc. Your website is one of the alternatives.
-Mike McCall, Marshfield WI

I just love the way that Laura Lee handles her guests, the conversations move without being forced. A joy to have found, and be able to listen to!
-Susanne Smith, Auburn CA

Where else would i find such a wealth of info pertinent to my interests?!!!!!!!
-Ibby Kenna, Highlands NC

Really enjoyed the interview with John Hogue. Had never heard of hogue or your show before I ran a web search for some of my favorite topics, and there you were!
-Tammy James, Roosevelt OK

Love the show! How about more updates on 'cold fusion'? And why not continue your interviews on 'water' (ie. Dr. Batmanghelidj, Victor S., etc.) by talking with the descendants of Dr. John Willard of 'Willard Water' fame? 
-Farida Parker, Ardmore PA

I used to attend workshops and listen to the show every day when I lived in California. When I had to move to Kansas, I mourned the loss of my beloved radio station. Now I listen over the internet..and have told most of my friends about your online bookstore and website. I love the listening vault! Thank you!
-Kelly Runyan, Overland Park KS

I love The Laura Lee Show. It's so refreshing to know there are other people out there seeking truth. I commend you and your efforts. Best wishes and Thank you! 
-Leanne Wallace, Waynesboro PA

Laura Lee has one of the best shows around.
-Billy Vaughn, Columbus GA

I enjoy the show, the variety of guests( many are dynamite ) and is the 1-hour format Perfect?? No, not long enough. Peace & Respect
-Garry Belanger, North Andover MA

Good work - keep it up. Thank you
-Ron Clark, Calrkston MI

I find your program concise and very informative. I only have access to the program on the Internet. I think that it would be useful if you included a small biography of Laura Lee on the website along with other photographs of her. I adore here style of interviewing. She keeps the guests on track with the information and theories they are expounding.
-Gary Williams, Martinez GA

Your show really challenges one to think. thanks
-Cathy Helms, Wildwood MO

One of the Best! Very interesting topics.. Thanks
-Bruce Waltz, Sierra Vista AZ

I really enjoy the guests on LL's show.
-Karen Pratski, Verona WI

I acquired the web site from a link from the Coast to Coast am show hosted by Mike Siegel. I especially like the short length of one hour as I can listen to the whole show on the internet.
-John Douglas, East Moline IL

Santa Rosa, CA
Comments = Thank you so much for having the shows available 
online. Keep up the good work! Am very interested in 
Flem-Ath's Atlantis stuff.

Redding, CA
Comments = I used to listen to you, over a year ago, when 
you on a local Redding station. I enjoyed the show very 
much. I will now visit your website on a regular basis.

N. Little Rock, AR
Comments = I love your programs and the variety. They are all interesting.

Duane Tibbets
Cortez Co.
Comments = I enjoy all the topics and think more people should explore.

George Zuk - Bellingham WA
Comments = Laura Lee chooses excellent and very relevant guests. What is so wonderful about the program is the style that Laura Lee uses to interview the people and how she can draw out such interesting facets of information that otherwise probably  would remain hidden. That is a talent. I love the show and always look forward to hearing it. Thanks so much for making it possible.
George Zuk

Janice Spears - Apple Valley CA
Comments = I rather enjoy the show, and just ususally have it turned on while I am working on my art projects and find myself focusing better on my art because the show distracts me so much I can't "overwork" my projects.

Margo Dumelle - Oak Park IL
Comments = I really enjoy the fact that I can listen to your shows via the internet during the time that is convenient for me without so many commercials on them, and free of charge! I look forward to purchasing some items from your website.


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